Covid-19 Update 21.05.2020
The committee has seriously considered the Government and Bowls England advice issued on 14.5.20. regarding the use of sports facilities as part of an individuals daily exercise.
This guidance states that each club is to make their own decision about when the facilities are ready to open and can be safely operated. The committee considered the recommended actions required to be put in place, and the advice that for clinically vulnerable people ( aged 70 years plus) they are still advised to stay at home as much as possible and minimise contact outside of the home.
Given the uncertainty around the effectiveness of relaxation of the lock down measures, and the age group of a large proportion of the membership, the committee will plan to reopen the facilities on 1st July 2020, dependant on ongoing recommendations from the Government.
These plans will only allow for roll ups for members only, and more advice regarding safety measures which will need to be followed, will be announced in the near future. If anyone is interested the full advice /recommendations is available on the Bowls England Website.
The committee will be contacting all members again in the next week to determine the potential interest for roll up play in the near future. We look forward to speaking to you all again and hope to see you on the green (which I must say is looking good) in the not too distant future.
Stay safe everyone.
Maureen and the Committee
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